7 Tips to Staying Fit Throughout The Year

running for weight loss

Getting fit doesn’t have to be difficult – you can drop weight by following these simple tricks that can do wonders for your body. You will have lots of fun while getting in shape. Plus, you don’t need to spend tons of money on the gyms.

1. Start running early in the morning

Develop a habit of getting up earlier each day and go for a walk or run. Running is not for everyone, though it’s one of the most effective workouts ever. Walking is a great workout too. A 30-minute walk helps burn around 90-360 calories. No matter what you choose, do it in the morning. Have your apple before your morning exercise to speed up your metabolism and fuel your workout.

2. Dance

Most dancers are slim because they dance daily. Ballet is a good option to consider. It may be hard at first, but in time you will love ballet and your perfect body. Ballet helps tone your body, improves your flexibility and burn mega calories. Hip hop dancing can also help you get ready for a bikini season fast and keep your weight under control during the summer season.

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3. Become friends with kettlebells

Kettlebells combine both cardio and strength aspects. If you’ve never lifted weights, opt for 5-7 lbs kettlebells. Use kettlebells to tone your arms and shoulders as well as core and butt. There are many kettlebell exercises out there. Choose your favorite ones and do them on a regular basis.

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4. Start your day off with a green smoothie

When you are trying to get ready for a bikini season, it’s crucial to stick to a healthy diet and make smart food choices. Having a green smoothie for breakfast is one of the healthiest ways to start your day. Green smoothies are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, and powerful antioxidants, which all help to prevent different diseases, including cancer. Green smoothies boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels and help your lose weight. They can also improve your skin clarity and texture.

5. Take a hike on your weekend

Hiking is a fantastic, healthy workout that you should definitely incorporate into your spring exercise routine. If you are lucky to live in an area that has some hills or even a mountain, you have no excuses to skip this workout. Hiking is a fun family-friendly activity so you can enjoy a beautiful spring nature with your family, while burning mega calories.

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6. Start cycling

Cycling is an intense workout that helps to tone your legs, abs and butt muscles. Moreover it helps to burn fat all over you body. You can use a bicycle for transportation instead of a car or a bus. You will save money and get fit at the same time.

7. Give Pilates a try

Pilates helps to strengthen your muscles and your core, improve your flexibility and get a flat tummy. There are so many health and weight loss benefits of Pilates that I recommend doing these exercises all year round. When done correctly, Pilates can help you burn lots of unwanted calories with almost no effort. As an added bonus, it helps you relax and sleep better.

These are just a few fun and easy ways to get fit throughout the year – if the weather’s great, do it outdoors, if not, indoors is always an option – just don’t stop moving. You can also opt for swimming, yoga, jogging or HIIT trainings to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Don’t forget to drink enough water during the day, eat healthy and get enough sleep. If you consume processed food and drink soda each day, you will never get in shape, no matter how hard you work out.


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